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WGAP Women’s Match Play – Finals Set


Our Championship Flight Final is set.  Defending Champion, Samantha Perrotta continued her winning ways, defeating Suzi Spotleson 5 & 4.  She will face Jackie Rogowicz, who beat Casey Oppenheimer 4 & 3.  

In the First Flight, the two matches came down to the wire.  Megan Grosky McGowan defeated Catherine Elliott on the 19th hole and Callie Jean Burns defeated Stephenie Harris 1 up.  

In the Second Flight, Lisa Klein defeated Monica Anne Pedano 5 & 3.  She will play Betsy Griffith, who beat Lisa Dichter 4 & 3.


Semi-Finals are set for Wednesday afternoon.

In the Championship Flight, Samantha Perrotta (Philmont) won 5 & 4 versus Mary McGuinness (Tavistock).  She will face Suzi Spotleson (RiverCrest) who won her match against Ellen Miller (Gulph Mills) 8 & 6.  In the bottom half of the bracket, Jackie Rogowicz (Commonwealth) defeated Barbora Maralikova (Honeybrook) 5 & 3.  Casey Oppenheimer (Whitemarsh) needed 20 holes to defeat Angie Coleman (DuPont).

In the First Flight, Megan McGowan (Blue Bell) defeated Maureen Koerwer (Huntingdon Valley) 3 & 2.  She will play Catherine Elliott (Merion) who beat Ruth Averback (Old York Road) 2 & 1.  In the bottom half, Stephenie Harris (Lookaway) defeated Joyce Herr (Conestoga) 6 & 4.  She will play Callie Jean Burns (Bala) who won her match 5 & 4 over Jen Dorfmeister (Commonwealth).  

In the Second Flight, Lisa Klein won her match over Mila Sklar (Huntingdon Valley) 6 & 5.  She will play her semi-final match against Monica Anne Pedano (Springhaven) who defeated Margaret Carr (St. Davids) 8 & 6.  Betsy Griffith (Brookside) won her quarter-final match against Linda Schmitz (Sandy Run) 2 & 1.  She will play Lisa Dichter (Meadia Heights) who beat Muffy McCabe (French Creek) 4 & 3.  



Quarterfinals are set for Wednesday morning. 
In the Championship Flight, our defending champion, Samantha Perrotta (Philmont) won her match against Karen Siegel (Commonwealth) 5 and 4.  She will face Tavistock’s Mary McGuinness tomorrow.  Low qualifier Jackie Rogowicz (Commonwealth) won her match 8 and 7 against Gulph Mills’ Ellie Good.  The bottom of the bracket saw two upsets.  #14 Fourteen seed Casey Oppenheimer (Whitemarsh) defeated #3 seed Susie Kirk (Tavistock).  She will face #11 seed Angie Coleman (DuPont), who defeated #6 seed Meghan Stasi (Tavistock).  

In the First Flight, there were two upsets.  #9 seed Maureen Koerwer (Huntingdon Valley) defeating #8 seed Jane Cousounis (Whitemarsh) and #10 seed Joyce Herr (Conestoga) defeated #7 seed Joanne Burke (Riverton).  Top seed Megan Grosky McGowan (Blue Bell) won her match against Karen McFadden (Overbrook) 3 and 2.

In the Second Flight, our top 5 seeds had byes and will play tomorrow.  In the three matches that were played, RiverCrest’s Lisa Klein defeated Linda Kennedy (Commonwealth) 7 and 6.  Linda Schmitz (Sandy Run) defeated Dale Ralston (Talamore) 4 and 2, and Lisa Dichter (Meadia Heights) defeated Ronnie Godshalk (French Creek) 2 and 1.


Our three flights are set for the 2021 Women’s Match Play Championship at Saucon Valley Country Club.  Leading the field is defending champion, Samantha Perrotta (Philmont) who opted to take the top spot due to her victory last year.  Jackie Rogowicz (Commonwealth) continued her strong play of late, posting a 3-under 69, taking the 2nd position.  Karen Siegel (Commonwealth) claimed the last spot in the Championship Flight, amongst several posted 82s.  

Tomorrow will be the first round of matches.  Wednesday will be the 2nd and 3rd round of matches.  Thursday will be the finals (36 holes for Championship Flight, 18 holes for 1st and 2nd Flights).

Click here to see scores from the qualifying round, as well as the brackets.