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Western Team Matches – Results

Results from the third week of Western Team Matches:

Honeybrook vs. Meadia Heights:
Allison Long (HB) defeated Des Pursell (MH)
Lori DesRuisseaux (HB) defeated Janice Leakway (MH)
Julie Walsh (MH) defeated Shelly Campbell (HB)
Mary Wren (HB) halved the match wtih Denyse Keaveney (MH)
Ellen Morrow (HB) won by default.
Sharon Anderson (HB) won by default.
Honeybrook wins the match 4.5-1.5.

Moselem Springs vs. LedgeRock:
June Maier and Sue Gerhart (LR) defeated Karen Green and Amy Smith-Moniz (MS)
Jackye Barrer and Barbara Naglak (MS) halved the match with Sue Perrotty and Janice Miller (LR)
Brenda Winkler and Diane Duff (MS) defeated Rhonda Schmidtlein and Jeannie Edfort (LR)
Moselem Springs and LedgeRock tied the match, 1.5-1.5.

Results from the second week of Western Team Matches:

Meadia Heights vs. Bent Creek:
Lisa Dichter (MH) defeated Nancy Gray (BC)
Des Purcell (MH) halved the match with Brooke Graybill (BC)
Mary Fleig (MH) defeated Tammy Yarnell (BC)
Janice Leakway (MH) defeated Bonnie Kraybill (BC)
Julianne Futcher (MH) defeated Bonnie Lundy (BC)
Constance Murphy (MH) won by default.
Meadia Heights wins the match 5.5-0.5.

Ledgerock vs. Lancaster
June Maier (LR) halved the match with Kathy Meyers (LCC)
Janice Miller (LR) defeated Kathy Borkgren (LCC)
Rhonda Schmidtlein (LR) defeated Robin Woolford (LCC)
Diane McGarrigle (LCC) defeated Jeannie Edfort (LR)
Shelby Noll (LCC) defeated Noel Garapola (LR)
Char Kocher (LR) defeated Mary Ellen Kopetz (LCC)
LedgeRock wins the match 3.5-2.5.

Berkshire vs. Lehigh
Jenn Mann (LCC) defeated Barb Davis (BCC)
Cathy Wright (LCC) defeated Lucia Geraci (BCC)
Nancy Brandi (BCC) defeated Lynn Codrea (LCC)
Beth Caputo (BCC) defeated Barb Brodsky (LCC)
Celene Hadeed (LCC) defeated Janet Orwig (BCC)
Linda Epstein (LCC) defeated Sue Mehos (BCC)
Lehigh wins the match 4-2.

Results from the first week of Western Team Matches:

LedgeRock vs. Saucon Valley:
Laura Hammond and June Maier (LR) defeated Terri Brogan and Erin McKarski (SV), 5 & 3
Pam Kennedy and Tracey MacGown (SV) defeated Sue Perrotty and Jeannie Edfort (LR), 3 & 1
Lucia Simon and Sue Gavel (SV) defeated Noel Garapola and Char Kocher (LR), 5 & 4
Saucon Valley wins the match 2-1.

Lancaster vs. Moselem Springs:
Karen Green (MS) defeated Kit Slaugh (LCC), 3 & 2
Kathy Borkgren (LCC) defeated Barb Naglak (MS), 4 & 2
Diane McGarrigle (LCC) defeated Brenda Winkler (MS), 2 & 1
Shelby Noll (LCC) defeated Ann Wolfe (MS), 3 & 2
Beth Kealey (LCC) defeated Janet Bly (MS), 4 & 2
Christina Starzyk (LCC) defeated Quality Quinn (MS), 1 up
Lancaster wins the match 5-1.

Berkshire vs. Meadia Heights:
Lisa Dichter (MH) defeated Lucia Geraci (BCC)
Mary Fleig (MH) defeated Nancy Brandi (BCC)
Julianne Futcher (MH) defeated Barb Bradley (BCC)
Julie Walsh (MH) defeated Kathy Volz (BCC)
Janice Leakway (MH) defeated Beth Caputo (BCC)
Constance Murphy (MH) defeated Marty Jaxheimer (BCC)
Meadia Heights wins the match 6-0.

Honeybrook vs. Lehigh:
Allison Long (HB) defeated Erica Hyman (LCC)
Terry Khoury (LCC) defeated Laura Ryan (HB)
Lori DesRuisseaux (HB) defeated Cathy Wright (LCC)
Jackie Beck (LCC) defeated Mary Wren (HB)
Ellen Morrow (HB) defeated Diane Adams (LCC)
Sherri Yucha (HB) defeated Maryann Meehan (LCC)
Honeybrook wins the match 4-2.