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Western Team Match Schedule

The Western Team Matches are entering their second season.  The schedule is below.  Results will be posted when available.

Home team listed first.

Thursday, May 3:
Saucon Valley vs. Berkshire
Lehigh vs. Schuylkill
LedgeRock vs. Moselem Springs
Bent Crest vs. Meadia Heights
Lancaster vs. Northampton

Wednesday, May 9
Schuylkill vs. Saucon Valley

Thursday, May 10
Berkshire vs. Lehigh
Moselem Springs vs. Bent Creek
Northampton vs. LedgeRock
Meadia Heights vs. Lancaster

Thursday, May 17
Lehigh vs. Saucon Valley
Moselem Springs vs. Lancaster
Meadia Heights vs. Northampton
Bent Creek vs. LedgeRock

Thursday, May 24
Schuylkill vs. Berkshire