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Tournament Policies

WGAP thanks our 2024 Tournament Sponsors:




Rules of Golf

Click here to see the slides presented at our Rules of Golf Seminars in 2023.


WGAP Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct are guidelines are designed to support our players and our member clubs so that we may provide an optimal golfing experience during all WGAP sponsored events.


Dress Code:

Players should dress appropriately for all WGAP events, including Team Matches, Open Days, and Tournaments. Shorts/skorts should be no more than 5” above the knee. Sleeveless shirts
must have a collar. Tank tops and denim are not appropriate.


Care of the Course:

Players should maintain the integrity of the golf course at all times. It is her responsibility to fill divots, rake bunkers, fix ball marks, etc. while on the course.



Players should conduct themselves with integrity at all times while participating in a WGAP event. The following behaviors will not be tolerated and may result in warnings or penalties:

Abusive language,
Club throwing,
Disrespect to volunteers/officials/fellow competitors,
Excessive and unnecessary delay of the game,
Abuse of the golf course,
Deliberate disregard of tournament/USGA rules,
Other behaviors that detract from the tournament experience for players and staff, and is not consistent with the spirit of the game, may be considered an infraction.



During a tournament or WGAP sponsored event, a player must not listen to or watch content of any nature on a personal audio or video device.



Players who have a Code of Conduct infraction will receive a verbal warning by either the Executive Director, Tournament Chairperson, or the Association President. If a second
infraction occurs during the year, a written warning will be issued. A third infraction during the year will result in termination of membership for a one-year period. This would include all
WGAP events, including tournaments, team matches, and trips. In addition, if multiple infractions occur over the course of two or more years, WGAP reserves the right to suspend the player’s membership for a year following the last infraction.  If an infraction is deemed severe or egregious, the Committee reserves the right to take more severe action.

WGAP Pace of Play Policy

In order to optimize the WGAP tournament experience for all players, the following pace of play policy is adopted.


It is a condition of the competition that the player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any Pace of Play guidelines that the WGAP Committee may establish and with the prescribed penalties for slow play.


It is the player’s responsibility to know their group’s position relative to the published Pace of Play and to ensure they play within the maximum scheduled limits.


Defined as Out of Position:
The first group to start will be considered out of position if the group is behind the schedule prepared by the Committee. Any subsequent group is out of position when it:


  1. Is taking more than the maximum scheduled time to play, and
  2. Reaches a par 3 that is clear of all play and all players in the preceding group have played their strokes from the teeing ground on the next hole or
  3. Reaches a par 4 or par 5 hole which is clear of all play or becomes clear of all play before all players in the group have played their strokes from the teeing ground.


When a group is out of position, each player must play any stroke within 40 seconds after the timing of such stroke begins. Timing begins once the player has had a reasonable amount of time to reach her ball.

Terms of the Competition

When the Competition is Final – The competition is final when the results have been approved by the tournament committee. The result of a match is final when the Committee has approved the result as posted on the public scoreboard.

Handicap Classes

Handicap Classes (based on indexes):
Class A – up to 15.9
Class B – 16.0 to 22.9
Class C – 23.0 to 28.9
Class D – 29.0 to 40.4

Online entries will be available the day entries open at 6am. PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER AND COMPLETE ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION. Any tournament cancellation after the registration deadline will have $10 deducted from the refund for administration fees. Cancellations within 2 business days of the tournament will not receive a refund.

Score Reporting

You are responsible for posting, in chronological order A SCORE FOR EVERY ROUND PLAYED ON A COURSE RATED COURSE – when that course is played from regular tees to regular greens. This includes 18-hole rounds, combining the scores of two nine-hole rounds and playing 13 or more holes. Scores in both match play and stroke play, including those made in multi-ball competition, shall be used. WGAP Team Matches and tournament scores should be posted as “T” scores.

Hole-in-One Award

Awards are given to WGAP members who have a witnessed hole-in-one at a WGAP Member Club. A COPY OF THE DATED AND ATTESTED SCORE CARD MUST BE SENT TO THE GOLF OFFICE WITHIN 60 DAYS.