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Team Matches – Inclement Weather Procedure

Please refer to pages 6-7 in the team match handbook policies. 

Inclement Weather Procedures:

  1. Communicate with your Green Chairman and/or Green Superintendent. 
  2. If the course is closed, or likely to be closed, the following options may be used in the order listed below:
    a. Use available holes at the home course (minimum of 6 different holes), totaling 18 holes.
    b. It is permissible to delay play up to one hour.
    c.  Check availability of away course.  Use away course with Home Team acting as hostesses responsible for lunch (minimum of 6 different holes, totaling 18).

    If all of the above options fail, the home team shall forfeit (lose) 3 and 4.

Course closed during play:

  1. If a course is closed during play – all play is immediately suspended and all players should be notified PROMPTLY.
  2. If matches are stopped due to thunder and lightning, a course being closed, greens under water or unsafe cart conditions, a one-hour maximum waiting period for the reopening of the course will be allowed.  Captains must agree on the time the play was halted, therefore when the one hour waiting period is up.
  3. If play cannot resume, the matches will be scored as they stand.  If the match is even, it will be scored as a half.  If some of the matches haven’t started, they will be scored as a half.