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New Player of the Year Awards Announced

The Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia is excited to announce the start of Player of the Year awards for the 2018 season.  We are continually looking for new and exciting things to offer our membership and feel this will be a great addition. 

There will be 5 Player of the Year awards given:  Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Junior.  The regulations for this inaugural award are listed below. 

Standings will be listed on the front page of our website in the “In The News” section and will be updated weekly.

Awards will be presented at the Annual Meeting in December.

We will welcome any feedback after the first season as we move forward with this. 


WGAP Player of the Year Selection Guidelines for 2018

1.The Points System is a guide for the players who will be considered for the WGAP Player of the Year (POY) and a tool for the WGAP Executive Director in measuring the player’s success.

2. Players must be a WGAP member and have amateur status at the time the points are earned. Exception: Juniors do not need to be a member of the WGAP.

3. Points will be earned based on the charts below. All points are based on gross scores. For points to be earned in non-WGAP events, players must notify the Executive Director with official results within 30 days of the tournament. (i.e. from website link, or from the events Tournament Director).

4. For all match play events, a match must be won in order to receive points. A match may be won by an outright win, a concession or a forfeit. A bye is not considered a win.

5. If ties are not broken by WGAP, then if two players are tied for 2nd place they will split the points for 2nd and 3rd place, etc.

6. Selection criteria will be separate for Handicap Class A, B, C, D, and Junior Player of the Year. A player may win only one award. A player may accumulate points in two divisions (i.e. A and Junior) only for the Junior award. 

7. Players may accumulate points in different handicap classes within one year (as their index changes).  However, the points are not combined and the player may only win an award for one handicap class.

8. Players should have a minimum of 2 play days in WGAP Tournaments for Class A players. For Class B, C, D, and Junior player they should have a minimum of 1 play day in WGAP Tournaments.

 USGA Championship points:

  • Four Ball qualifier points will be awarded in the year of the actual Championship.
  • Sectional qualifiers will receive qualifying points whether or not they participate in the actual Championship.
  • Alternates at sectional qualifiers will receive 50% of the qualifier points, whether or not they participate in the actual Championship.
  • Players exempt from qualifying will receive qualifying points for each of the years they are exempt, whether or not they participate in the actual Championship.