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Member Registration Now Open

WGAP Registration Process

The launch of the new web site for the Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia is also featuring the launch of a new process to register as a member of the Association for the 2016 calendar year. To register for the new season beginning on Monday, Jan. 4, just follow these steps:

To register, you will need to login so we can verify that you’re an active GHIN member at a WGAP Member Club. If you had a login with the previous site, it will work here, provided that you DID NOT use the generic “wgap2010” password. If you do have that existing login with a password that you specifically created, just click here to go to the registration page and login with that information.

When you get to that page, just login with your GHIN number or email address and then the password you created and you will be taken to the contact information page. After you’ve verified all of the pertinent contact info, you will enter the payment information and then the process is complete. 

If you used the generic password previously, you need to create a new account. Click here to create your account, and then use the search tool to search by your last name or GHIN number to find yourself in the database.

Once found, click on your name and then follow the prompts to finalize the account creation. After that, you can register and complete the payment process for your 2016 WGAP Membership.

If you have any problems with this process, please call the WGAP Office at 610-337-9427.