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Mary Orme and John Roehm Win 2019 Powell Cup

Congratulations to Talamore’s Mary Orme and John Roehm for their victory yesterday!  They had 64 points, highest in the field.  Since they were in the Class B category, the next prize goes to the highest points in Class A.  That was Allie and Kevin Robertson (RiverCrest) with 58 points.  The next prize awarded was for 2nd highest points in the field.  That was a match of cards between Denise and James Howell (Chester Valley) and Debbie Wilkins and Richard Moyer (RiverCrest).  This is broken by looking at total points on the back nine.  Howell had 31 points and Wilkins/Moyer had 27.  Since Howells were in Class B, the next prize went to Class A for 2nd highest points in that division.  That was awarded to Lisa and John Gosselin (Kennett Square) with 56 points.  3rd highest points in the entire field went to Debbie Wilkins and Richard Moyer.   They were in Class B, so the next prize goes to Class A for 3rd highest points.  That was a 3 way match of cards between Penny Roberts and Keith Hylind (Cherry Valley), Karen and Louis Graziano (Cedarbrook), and Tracy Nelson and Alan Brody (Radnor Valley), all with 52 points.  On the back nine, Hylind/Roberts had 33 points, Graziano had 31, and Brody/Nelson had 29 points, giving the prize to Hylind/Roberts.  The final prize was for low gross (amongst pairs who haven’t won yet).  That went to Tracy Nelson and Alan Brody with a 79. 

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