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Lynn and Scott Schmidt Win Powell Cup

Home course knowledge proved very valuable for the 2020 Powell Cup Champions, Lynn and Scott Schmidt.  Playing in the first group of the day, their 62 points held up until the very last group came in.  Angie Yanocha and Richard Moyer (RiverCrest) also had 62 points.  The match of cards went in the Schmidts favor as they earned 8 more points on the back nine.  

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Winners include:

High Points (for the field):  Lynn and Scott Schmidt (Talamore) – 62 points (Class B)  ***
High Points (other class):  Connie Reilly and Doug Putnam (Talamore) – 58 points (Class A)
2nd High Points (for the field):  Angie Yanocha and Richard Moyer (RiverCrest) – 62 points (Class B)
2nd High Points (other class):  Karen Hendricks and Joe Harding (Indian Valley) – 52 points (Class A)
3rd High Points (for the field):  Laura Ford and Jim Marsh (DuPont) – 50 points (Class A)
3rd High Points (other class):  Maureen Riley and Brian Linn (Talamore) – 46 points (Class B)
Low Gross:  Allie and Kevin Robertson (RiverCrest) – 83 ***