Event Name: Griscom Cup
Venue(s): Gulph Mills Golf Club            (Directions)
Date(s):Jul 26 2021 
Registration Deadline:  7/18/2021
Cart Fee:$50.00
Tee Times: Pairings  
Format:Selective drive, alternate shot. 18 holes.
Eligibility: Partners must be members of the same family but of opposite sex and different generations. Cousins are ineligible.
All players must be either members of member clubs or affiliated with member clubs through family membership.

For players 18 and over: The male player must belong to GAP and have a USGA GHIN handicap index with a minimum of 8 scores from the current and/or previous year. The female player must be an individual member of WGAP with all privileges.
 Rounds: min: 8       
Field:60 Pairs
Prizes:1st, 2nd, & 3rd Low Gross in each Class (dependent on sign-ups)
1st Low Net (Class A only).
A - 18 years and over.
B - 14 to 17 years inclusive.
C - under 14 years.
Caddie & Cart:Cart Fee - $50 per player Caddie Fee - $75 plus tip per bag

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