Event Name: Better-Ball-of-Partners (B, C, D)
Venue(s): Sandy Run Country Club            (Directions)
Date(s):Jun 11 2019 
Registration Deadline:  6/2/2019
Cart Fee:$26.00
Lunch Fee:$20.00
Tee Times: Pairings  
Format:Better ball of partners.
Each player will receive 95% of her course handicap, strokes as the fall on the card.
Eligibility: Players need to be from the same handicap class (B, C, or D), but do not need to be from the same club.
Class B index range from 16.0 to 22.9.
Class C index range from 23.0 to 28.9.
Class D index range from 29.0 to 40.4.
 Rounds: min: 8      
USGA Index: min: 16   max: 40.4   (Revision 5/1/2019) 
Field:Limit of 60 pairs. (20 from each class.) If we have room, we will pull from the waitlist in order of registration, regardless of how many teams are in each class.
Starting Times:Tee times starting at 8:00 (only for 2020)
Prizes:Gross and Net.
Refunds:If due to weather conditions the course is closed before any play has started, there will be no lunch or prizes. The event will be cancelled or, if workable, rescheduled.

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