Event Name: Tournament of Champions
Venue(s): Moselem Springs Golf Club            (Directions)
Date(s):Oct 19 2021 
Registration Deadline:  10/10/2021
Players per Team:1
Cart Fee:$33.00
Tee Times: Pairings  
Eligibility: Open to all current Club Champions (or Runner-Up if the Club Champ is not available), Senior Club Champions, and Super Senior Club Champions of WGAP Member Clubs. Players must be current WGAP members. If Club Champion is unable to play, the current Runner-up is eligible. ALL PAST WINNERS OF THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS (who are individual Association Members with all privileges) ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE.
 Rounds: min: 8      
USGA Index: max: 40.4   (Revision 9/7/2021) 
Starting Times:tee times starting at 9:00.
Ties:Please indicate in the notes section of the entry if you are the Current Club Champion, Current Runner-up or Past Tournament of Champions Winner.

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