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Board of Directors’ Member ~ Irene Waitzman

Last but definitely not least! Time to meet Board of Directors’ member Irene Waitzman.
Irene Waitzman, a member of Springhaven Country Club, joined WGAP Board of Directors in December of 2022. She currently serves on the Finance and Marketing Committees. A 1985 graduate from Villanova University, Irene has owned and operated full-service communication firms throughout the United States since 1993. She was an Ernst & Young finalist and has successfully directed over 2000 employees and multiple centers. Over the past 28 years her focus has been providing market research for politicians and lobbying groups. Most recently, Irene has focused her energy in branding businesses through building websites, social media, content writing and the creation of lead generation funnels. She directs an executive leadership team that provides quality and timely services to their clients. Irene is married with 3 boys and 4 grandchildren. She and her husband Douglas are actively involved with the Edward Taylor Coombs Foundation, a foundation that
provides merit awards to graduating high school seniors who have recognized potential and academic strength, Canine Partners For Life, a foundation that provides service dogs for people who have needs and The Miami Project, a foundation whose goal is to cure paralysis. Doug and Irene enjoy golfing, going to the movies, and a passion for travel.