Event Name: Women’s Match Play Championship
Venue: St. Davids Golf Club            (Directions)
Date(s):Jul 8 - 12 2019 
Registration Deadline:  6/26/2019
Players per Team:1
Registration:Begins on 6/5/2019    
Tee Times: Not Available
Overview:Please inform WGAP if you are only playing in the qualifying round.
Format:Monday - qualifying round; Tuesday thru Friday -match play in three flights of sixteen (36-hole final in Championship Flight). The 2018 Champion, if entered, may take first position in match play OR she may compete for the medal prize. She may, however, compete for the Silver Cross without losing her first position in match play. The defending Champion must state her intention before any play. The qualifying round of this event and the Mary Thayer Farnum Cup will determine the winner of the Silver Cross.
Eligibility: Class A handicaps - indexes up to 15.9 inclusive.
 Rounds: min: 10      
USGA Index: max: 15.9   (Revision 6/1/2019) 
Prizes:Gross and Net in qualifying round.
Finalists in all flights.

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