Event Name: Boyle Cup
Venue: Commonwealth National Golf Club            (Directions)
Date(s):Jul 16 - 17 2018 
Registration Deadline:  7/4/2018
Registration:Begins on 6/13/2018    
Tee Times: Not Available
Format:Flights will be determined by teamís combined handicap. 5 flights of 6 teams each will be made based on handicaps. Chapman format throughout. Monday - three 9-hole matches. Tuesday - two 9-hole matches. 1 point for each hole won and 1/2 point for each hole halved (9 points available in each match.) The overall winner will come from the top flight, with prizes for the winners and runners-up in each flight.
Eligibility: Partners need not be members of the same club.
Women have to have a class A or B handicap index (up to 21.9 inclusive).
Men must belong to GAP and have a USGA GHIN Index with a minimum of 10 scores from 2016 and/or 2017 on GHIN as of the June 1 revision.
 Rounds: min: 10      
USGA Index: max: 21.9   (Revision 6/1/2018) 
Field:60 Pairs - or a field that is a multiple of 6 pairs to allow for full flights. Preference given in order of registration.
Starting Times:Shotgun starts for each of the nine-hole matches.
Prizes:First and second place finishers in all flights.
Cart/Caddie:There will be limited caddies available on a first come, first serve basis based on sign-up order. Caddie fee will be $90 inclusive for the first day (per player) and $60 inclusive for the second day (per player).
The cart fee of $75 per person covers both days.

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