Presentation and  Team Match Lineup Instructions


Team Match Lineup Instruction Changes
Team Coordinators or Captains: To set your team match lineup, just go to the WGAP web site at http://www.wgapgolf.org and click the Log In link as indicated in the image below:
From there, log in to the web site using the credentials you established when you registered your membership. Use either your email address or GHIN number as your user name, and then input your password.
Once you’ve logged in to the “My WGAP Locker” section, you will see a bar in green in the middle of the page called “Team Match Links”. Just click the words “Team Lineup” in that bar:
That will open a new window that shows all eligible Team Match players for your club, sorted by handicap index (low to high). The column on the far right shows the current lineup order for the club. To move someone in the lineup, just change the number in that column. Once you’ve set all of the numbers, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. 
2016  Super Tuesday LINEUP
 Name GHIN# HIndex Order
 Rubio, Marie 3444746 3.7   
 Sanders, Bernice 3298925 7.1   
Kasich, Jane 3298310 8.8   
Carson, Beatrice 3298823 9.7   
 Cruz, Teddie 1579495 10.6   
 Clinton, Hilary 3300541 11.6   
 Trump, Donna 3300554 12   
However, if you move a golfer from their original spot by more than 1.5 strokes, an error message will display after you’ve hit “Save Changes”. The error will highlight the lineup error in yellow with verbiage at the bottom of the screen to remind you to fix the mistake.