The Women's Golf Association of Philadelphia is accepting applications for volunteers in both the tournament and course rating areas.

Tournament Volunteers
Tournament volunteers are needed for positions such as starters, spotters and markers. For more information, email or call the Golf Office at 610-337-9427. We will be using Sign-Up Genius this year to ask for volunteers at our tournaments.  Emails for specific inquiries will precede each tournament.

Course Rating Volunteers
In 1987 the USGA Course Rating System including Slope Rating was implemented by the USGA. By adjusting the Course Handicap from the Handicap Index according to the difficulty of the course being played, a player’s ability is more equitably reflected at any golf course.

That same year, the USGA required Golf Associations that all of their Member Clubs were to be rated under the newly refined system. Adele Lebow, from Spring-Ford Country Club, was appointed Chairman and charged with the task of recruiting volunteers and organizing them into captain-lead teams that then would rate an assigned list of courses. This immense task was completed within the year deadline, and Adele continued as the Course Rating Chairman until she retired in 2011.

There are now 44 course raters divided into four teams in WGAP’s Course Rating Program. The USGA conducts a Course Rating Calibration Seminar annually to instruct, train, and qualify participants. Captains organize their teams for each of their assignments and prepare rating forms with updated course measurements and other localized details. On the course, teams evaluate obstacles from each of the landing zones for both the Scratch and the Bogey players. They then use charts from “The USGA Course Rating Guide” to assign values and to ensure objectivity, accuracy, and consistency.

This is a continual project and courses are re-rated every seven years.

If you are interested in becoming a Course Rater for future years, please call Laura Hammond at 610-337-9427 or email her at lhammond@wgapgolf.org for more information.