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Joan and Bill Higgins of Indian Valley won the 62nd Annual Charles S. Powell Memorial Cup at St. Davids Golf Club. Pat & John Guenther from Heidelberg won High Points in Class A on a match of cards.


Club Affiliation Class Powell Points

High Points Field
Joan  Higgins
Bill  Higgins

Indian Valley CC

B 62

High Points Other Class
Pat  Guenther
John  Guenther, Jr.

Heidelberg CC

A 56

2nd High Points Field
Kathleen  Metaxas
Greg Blair

Olde York CC

B 60

2nd High Points Other Class
Pat  Volansky
Mark  Monkhouse

Spring Mill CC

A 56


3rd High Points Field
Patricia  Hirsekorn
Frederick  Hirsekorn

Tavistock CC

A 56

3rd High Points Other Class
Lynn  Wrobel
Tim  Black

Talamore at Oak Terrace CC

B 52

Low Gross 40-39 - 79
Bonnie  George
Michael  Rose

Philmont CC

A 36

4th High Points Field
Patricia Hughes  Gelardi
Steve  Gelardi

Manufacturers G & CC

A 52

4th High Points Other Class
Joyce  Harrison
Peter  Harrison

Waynesborough CC

B 52