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Players - Club Affiliation

Class Score
Jacqueline  Drygas and Robert  Drygas - Sandy Run CC A 72
Kristin  Carney and Scott  Carney - Commonwealth National GC   B 77
Carol  Fager and Alex  Fager - Rolling Green GC   A 77
Carole  Eason and Thomas  Eason, II - Radley Run CC   A 78
Betsy  Barnett - Meadowlands CC and Stanton  Friedman - Rolling Green GC   A 78
Liz  Haines - Merion GC and Geordie  Haines - DuPont CC   A 79
Laura  Dolan and Larry  Dolan - Sandy Run CC   A 80
Pam  McLaughlin and Scott  McLaughlin - Commonwealth National GC   A 80
Michele  Gavaghan and Anthony  Genesio - Lu Lu CC   A 80
Joan  Hubbert - Hersheys Mill GC and John  Hubbert, III - Lu Lu CC   A 80
Marilyn  Seide and Steven  Seide - Whitford CC   A 81
Beverly  Brennana and John  Brennan - Spring-Ford CC   A 81
Judith  Owens and Brian Owens - Waynesborough CC   A 81
Kelsey Engman and Robert  Engman - Merion GC   B 81
Bobbie  Rose and Michael  Rose - Philmont CC A 81
Debbie  Craig and Brett  Diakon - Commonwealth National GC A 81
Nancy  Codi and Bryan  Codi - Berkleigh CC   A 81
Jaclyn  Lucas and Steve  Lucas - Concord CC   A 82
Judith  Goldman and Michael  Goldman - Philmont CC A 82
Joyce  Harrison - Waynesborough CC and E. Michael  Forgash - Merion GC   A 82
Patricia  Hirsekorn and Kurt  Hirsekorn - Tavistock CC   A 82
Patricia Hughes Gelardi and Jeffrey  Hughes - Manufacturers G & CC   A 83
Cheryl  Petzel and Tripp  Petzel - Doylestown CC   B 83
Jacqueline  Zeitz - Bala GC and Jeffrey  Shore - Radnor Valley CC   A 83
Sally  Curley - St. Davids GC and Chuck  Curley - Philadelphia Country Club   A 83
Fran  Forcino and Geoff  Forcino - Waynesborough CC   A 84
Brianna  Suarez and Thomas  Suarez - Trenton CC   B 84
Susan  Piersanti - Laurel Creek CC and Tom  Piersanti - Radley Run CC   A 85
Lindsay  Forgash - Merion GC and Peter  Harrison - Waynesborough CC A 85
Carol  Markward and Del  Markward - North Hills CC   A 85
Kathryn  Yard and Scott  Yard - Whitford CC   A 85
Susan  Klauder and Wister  Baisch - Manufacturers G & CC   A 86
Irene  Prickitt and Jeffrey  Prickitt - Manufacturers G & CC   A 86
Ann Dawson  Gilmore and Tom  Gilmore - Manufacturers G & CC   A 86
Penny Olinick and Keith Olinick - Spring-Ford CC   A 86
Susan  Beausang and Sean - Paul  Beausang - Philadelphia Cricket Club   A 88
Connie  Glynn and Joseph  Glynn - Llanerch CC   A 88
Cathy  Lucas and Jeff  Lucas - Concord CC   B 88
Rachel  McKernan and William  McKernan, III - Cedarbrook CC   A 88
Carol  Longacre and Robert  Longacre - Indian Valley CC   A 88
Mimi  DeShong and James  DeShong, Jr. - Chester Valley GC   A 88
Brenda  Wily and Jack  Wily - Berkleigh CC   A 89
Debbie  Genuardi and James  O'Brien - Cedarbrook CC   A 89
Regina  Moore and Ned  Moore, Jr. - Manufacturers G & CC   A 89
Phyllis  O'Donnell and Kevin  O'Donnell - North Hills CC   A 90
Marilynn  Genesio and Jaime  Gavaghan - Lu Lu CC   A 90
Connie  O'Brien - Cedarbrook CC and Thomas  O'Brien - Philadelphia Cricket Club   A 90
Lillian  Pinto and Joseph  Pinto, Jr. - Old York Road CC   A 92
Mimi  Asplundh and Scott  Asplundh - Huntingdon Valley CC   A 92
Diane  Dixon and Jonathan  Dixon - Hersheys Mill GC   A 92
Robin Kearney and Nolan Kearney - Whitford CC   C 92
Honey  Friedman - Rolling Green GC and Ronald  Barnett - Meadowlands CC   A 93
Sara  Stoll and Peter  Stoll, Jr. - Cedarbrook CC   A 93
Denise Jeffords and Alex Jeffords - Spring-Ford CC   C 93
Nancy  Healy - Llanerch CC and John  Beausang - Philadelphia Cricket Club   A 95
Kelly  Fager and William  Fager - Rolling Green GC   A 96
Margaret  McAleese and T.J.  Coady - Aronimink GC   C 97
Stephanie  Cousounis and Timothy  Cousounis - Whitemarsh Valley CC C 97
Susan  Coombs and Brian  Coombs - Manufacturers G & CC   C 98
Donna  Heckscher and Tucker  Heckscher - Philadelphia Country Club B 98
Mary Ellen  David and Richard  Marra - Rolling Green GC   A 101
Janet  Garis and Kyle  Garis - North Hills CC B 102
Bernie  Malone and David  Malone - Sandy Run CC   B 102
Joann  Hendrickson and Richard  Hendrickson - Riverton CC   C 105
Barbara  Schwait and Jeff  Schwait - Medford Lakes CC   C 107
Barbara  Chellel - Lu Lu CC and Nathaniel  Chellel - Lookaway GC   C 108
Agnes  Smart and John  Smart - Cedarbrook CC   A 109
Gwen  May - Stonewall and Spenser  May - Waynesborough CC   C 121
Mary Kim  McCormick and Robert  Rambo - Torresdale-Frankford CC   A DNS
Pamela  Emory and Benjamin  Emory - Merion GC   A DNS
Marilyn  Cunningham and Jim  Cunningham - Aronimink GC   A DNS
Carol  Romanet and Zach  Romanet - Burlington CC   B DNS
Margaret  Wallace and Jack  Wallace - Burlington CC   B DNS
Barbara  Walsh and P. Chet  Walsh - Philadelphia Country Club   A DNS
Therese Walsh  Seiberlich and William  Walsh - Philadelphia Country Club   A DNS