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2003 Executive Committee

(back row) Barbara Papso, Pat Carbone, Beryl Craft, Mallary Hatch, Sonja Stutchfield, Terry Harbaugh, Jeanie Nash, Gail Anderson
(front row) Mary Jane Littlepage, Barbara Jacobsen, Susan Sayer, Faythe Uminski, Connie Glynn, Charlotte Barnhard


Susan Sayer with retiring Executive Committee Member Jeanie Nash.

Susan Sayer, Barbara Papso, Mallary Hatch and Pat Carbone.

Past Presidents Barbara Chellel, Shortie Brown and Ray Gordon with new Executive Committee Member Dot Anderson (3rd from left).

Susan Klauder, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, joins the standing ovation for Adele Lebow when it was announced that in February she will receive the USGA's Joe Dey Award.

After receiving flowers from WGAP President, Faythe Uminski, Adele acknowledged her honor, stressing the part the WGAP has played in her many years working "For the Good of the Game".

Pat Carbone presenting the Junior Tournament Report.

Liz Haines, Captain, reporting on the victorious Philadelphia Team in the Inter-City Matches for the Griscom Cup

Gail Anderson discussing important reminders and responsibilities of WGAP Golf Chairmen.

Barbara Papso adding humor (as only Barbara can) to the list of members who reported Holes-in-One.

Jack Connelly who spoke on his many experiences and special memories as President of the PGA of America.

Carole Mackrell from Chester Valley won the draw for a 
Ryder Cup money clip.

Tavistock's Jessica Previte was the lucky winner of a Ryder Cup pendant.

Following the meeting, there was a delicious buffet luncheon and the day ended with this incredible dessert displaying the Old York Road Country Club logo.



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