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2001 Executive Committee 
(back) Gail Anderson, Mallary Hatch, JoAnne Bagnell (middle) Terry Harbaugh, Sara Schmid, Faythe Uminski, Pat Carbone, Sue Sayer, Mary Jane Littlepage, Charlotte Barnhard, Pat Giubilato (front) Connie Glynn, Sonja Stutchfield, Jeanie Nash, Barbara Jacobsen

2002 Officers
Barbara Jacobsen, Secretary; Faythe Uminski, President; Connie Glynn, Vice-President; Sue Sayer, Treasurer

Pictorial Records of previous Annual Meetings

2001 Officers
Gail Anderson, President; Barbara Jacobsen, Secretary; Sue Sayer, Treasurer; Faythe Uminski, Vice-President

WGAP Chairmen looking at 2002 schedules and information

Captain, Liz Haines, reporting on the winning Inter-City Team

Past Presidents and current Course Rating Chairmen, 
Adele Lebow (left) and Shortie Brown (right), received tokens of appreciation from Gail Anderson

Sara Schmid, Coatesville, retiring member of the Executive Committee presenting Tournament Committee Report

JoAnne Bagnell, Philadelphia Country, 
retiring member of the Executive Committee

Gail Anderson presenting the President's Pin to newly elected President, Faythe Uminski from Medford Lakes. In tribute to her, fifteen members of Medford Lakes came to the meeting!

New Executive Committee Members - 
Barbara Papso, Philadelphia Cricket and 
Pam Brown, Delaware National



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